STM32 MCU產品介紹

STM32 MCUs and MPUs portfolio

ST MCU has a wide range of products, as shown in Figure 1, with as many as 18 different types divided into 5 main functional blocks. Here, we mainly focus on the in-depth introduction of MPU peripherals (MPU and microchip are the main mainstream, so we will not go into detail here)

  • High-performance MCU
  • STM32 Mainstream MCU
  • STM32 Ultra-low-power MCU
  • STM32 Wireless MCU

HW/SW Development Tools

ST has launched development tools for both hardware and software.

  • STM32CubeMX is used to build the underlying software architecture and generate code that supports the following editors (as shown in Figure 2).
  • STM32CubeIDE: Official software editor (Figure 3)
  • STM32CubeProgram:Flash programming and inspection tool (Figure 4)
Figure 2(Click on the image to download.)
Figure 3(Click on the image to download.)
Figure 4(Click on the image to download.)

The hardware options include basic Nucleo Board, Discovery kits with display board, or comprehensive Evaluation Board for selection.

High-performance MCU

In high-performance MCUs, the STM32H7 series is the main focus, as these products are mainly used in display panels or high-end motor control. H7 is currently a product specially optimized for these applications.

STM32 Portfolio for Graphics

You can see that STM32H7 supports the most diverse display transfer protocols and has the highest frequency specification, and ST has acquired a software development company to launch TouchGFX, which makes it easier to develop touch display panels (supports five categories of ST MCU in Figure 5)

Figure 5

STM32 Mainstream MCU

The mainstream MCUs have converged into two main blocks, the G0 series and the G4 series. The main reason for this is that the G series reduces the power supply to only one group, allowing more GPIO pins to be utilized. In addition, the G4 series integrates more output optimization for positioning BLDC motor control, making it a specialized series.

STM32 Ultra-low-power MCU

ST has launched power-saving board MCUs specifically for portable devices, as longer battery life is needed for these devices without compromising on functionality compared to other MCU options. The L4 or U5 series would be the best choices in this regard.

In terms of power-saving modes, Ultra-low-power also offers different modes to achieve the lowest power consumption in various scenarios.

STM32 Wireless MCU

For wireless transmission, ST has a unique category of MCUs that can be divided into two series: WB and WL. These MCUs are mainly used in applications that require wireless modules, and can be combined with corresponding antennas to enable wireless communication, making them a space-saving option. The MCUs are divided into these two series, and they are not commonly found in other MCU manufacturers.


On the WB series, there are mainly dual cores, with M0+ controlling the wireless communication and M4 as the main controller, providing improved security in the encryption part.


The WL series has two options, a single-core (STM32WLE5) and a dual-core (STM32WL55).

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