ST Tool Introduction

STM32CudeProgrammer/MX/IDE introduction

STM32CubePrg API(example project)

Preface To assist the client, we need to embed the ST update software within the client’s customized software. Therefore, we delve into the original interfaces of STM32CubePrg and gradually integrate them into the client’s specified template. Essentially, the framework is based on STM32CubePrg, with the interface primarily focusing on USB DFU (other customized methods such […]

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How to use “attribute” in STM32CubeIDE

Preface The purpose of ‘attribute__’ is to store variables or arrays at a specified address. In practical applications, program version information is usually fixed at a specific flash address. Here, I needed to assist in modifying the Hex burning file to recognize version information. However, after attempting to use STM32CubeIDE, I found it didn’t work,

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