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STM32CubePrg API(example project)

Preface To assist the client, we need to embed the ST update software within the client’s customized software. Therefore, we delve into the original interfaces of STM32CubePrg and gradually integrate them into the client’s specified template. Essentially, the framework is based on STM32CubePrg, with the interface primarily focusing on USB DFU (other customized methods such

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Adding ADC channels and PINs in MCSDK 5.X

Preface When using MCSDK for motor control, adding additional channels to the existing ADC poses challenges due to considerations such as sampling rates. Attempting to add ADC channels directly using STM32CubeMX may result in system failure. This information is provided to address how to add channels for sampling shunt resistors in a motor control project.

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ECDSA_SignVerify(SHA256) STM32F4 series

Preface For the signature verification part, due to recent customer requirements, the MCU is bound and cannot be incorporated into SBSFU for updates. Additionally, the SBSFU update example currently only provides UART, and coding for other interfaces is required. After discussing with the customer, it was decided to use signature verification to ensure that the

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ST7735 TFT LCD Module with 4 IO 128*160

Preface There are many options when it comes to choosing an LCD, with various sizes available. However, if you need to display colorful images, we recommend the ST7735 display. It offers excellent value for money and delivers good performance. This example will introduce the usage of the 1.8-inch ST7735 color display screen with STM32 microcontrollers.

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