Turnkey gesture(VL53L5CX)


The VL53L5CX system consists of a hardware module and an ULD software (VL53L5CX ULD) running on the host. The hardware module contains a Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensor. ST provides a software driver, referred to as the “driver” in this document, which describes the functions of the driver that the host can access. These functions control the sensor and obtain ranging data, which can be further used with ST Turnkey gesture recognition for gesture recognition.

ToF System

1.1 Driver architecture and content

VL53L5CX 驅動程序架構

The VL53L5CX ULD package consists of four folders. The driver program is located in the /VL53L5CX_ULD_API folder. VL53L5CX is mainly used for array-type distance measurement sensors, with selectable resolutions of 8×8 or 4×4. Different applications can be developed from multi-point distance information, and in this document, we introduce the gesture recognition application (the VL53L5 driver package needs to be mounted first).


Here, the ST expansion package can also be selected to attach the code to STM32CubeMX, and the configuration steps for VL53L5CX can be executed in order according to P11 of theVL53L5CX configuration steps

reference circuit

Note that the PWE_EN and INT pins, as well as the I2C_RST pin, need to be connected because initialization will check for errors if they are not connected during testing


SW Setting

Here you just need to download the F401 example and include the necessary files to use it.

As shown in the figure, the main folder here is GesturesMZ, which contains the main file for AI gesture recognition. The input item can be seen in the Example, and ST’s Nonaedge AI can be used for further extension to achieve more gesture recognition.

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