Motor control

Motor control on STM32

Adding ADC channels and PINs in MCSDK 5.X

Preface When using MCSDK for motor control, adding additional channels to the existing ADC poses challenges due to considerations such as sampling rates. Attempting to add ADC channels directly using STM32CubeMX may result in system failure. This information is provided to address how to add channels for sampling shunt resistors in a motor control project.

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ST Motor Control Adjust Method-2

Preface This section will address common issues encountered with MCSDK and provide explanations and adjustments. Relevant information locations will also be organized to facilitate a quicker start for everyone in motor control. MCSDK Program Main Structure After generating code using MCSDK, the main program section and mathematical equations are as shown in the following figure:

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MCSDK Software Architecture

Preface Here, there are many online resources available for reference, such as the video tutorials on FOC control principles and motor application development based on STM32. This discussion focuses on the code generated by ST’s Workbench after setting up the parameters, mainly on the program architecture and important code explanations. After understanding the architecture, users

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Motor Profiler and MotorControl Workbench

Preface On the ST side, Motor Profiler and MotorControl Workbench are introduced to facilitate the complete construction of the underlying program and provide basic APIs for applications. They are relatively easy to use for beginners and have the advantage of having all their code fully open for viewing, including the writing methods of each API.

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