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STM32 OneWire for Charger

Preface The current customer requirement involves touching the codebase, requiring assistance in developing 1-wire sensing for the battery, etc. We will go through UART OneWire to verify if it can function properly. There will also be some differences in the next version planning. Here, I’ll integrate and detail the OneWire information for verification methods. Overview […]

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ECDSA_SignVerify(SHA256) STM32F4 series

Preface For the signature verification part, due to recent customer requirements, the MCU is bound and cannot be incorporated into SBSFU for updates. Additionally, the SBSFU update example currently only provides UART, and coding for other interfaces is required. After discussing with the customer, it was decided to use signature verification to ensure that the

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ST7735 TFT LCD Module with 4 IO 128*160

Preface There are many options when it comes to choosing an LCD, with various sizes available. However, if you need to display colorful images, we recommend the ST7735 display. It offers excellent value for money and delivers good performance. This example will introduce the usage of the 1.8-inch ST7735 color display screen with STM32 microcontrollers.

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MERIDIAN Thermal Imager Sensor(STM32)

Preface Meridian offers advanced CMOS thermal imaging solutions, enabling the production of thermal image sensors that can receive infrared wavelengths ranging from 8 to 14 μm. These sensors are primarily applied in consumer and commercial products. What sets them apart from conventional imaging is their affordability, as they require only a low-cost MCU to handle

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STM32 Cryptographic Software Package

Preface The customer requires encryption protection for certain devices. ST offers two options: Directory Structure of V4 vs. Directory Structure of V3 The directory structure of the V3 software package corresponds to a separate directory for each STM32 series. The directory structure of V4 is fully compatible with the Cube/X-Cube software package (STM32CubeXX / X-Cube-XXX)

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VL53L5CX coding structure on STM32

Preface Unlike traditional IR sensors, the VL53L5CX utilizes ST’s latest generation of direct Time-of-Flight (ToF) technology, allowing for absolute distance measurement regardless of target color or reflectivity. It provides accurate ranging up to 400 cm and operates at high speed (60 Hz), making it the fastest multi-zone miniature ToF sensor available on the market. Hardware

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How to use STM32CubeAI on STM32CubeMX

Preface ST has introduced two software packages, STM32CubeAI and NanoEdge AI Studio, targeting different user groups. Here, we will provide an initial introduction and usage guide for STM32CubeAI.(STM32CubeAI is currently integrated into the X-Cube-AI software package under STM32CubeMX. Please note that STM32CubeAI only facilitates the conversion of third-party software and does not automatically generate AI

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Discovery STM32H750XB-External Loader

Preface Due to the limited support for Flash models in STM32CubeProgrammer, only a partial range of MCU and Flash models can be covered, which cannot fully meet the customer’s needs. Therefore, an external Flash loader can be created using stm32CubeMX. Customers can customize the generation according to their own models. Here, Discovery STM32H750XB is used

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Internal Temperature Sensor On STM32

Preface The STM32 microcontroller has an internal temperature sensor. The sensor is very rough (±1.5 °C) and is connected internally to one of the ADC channels, making it possible to easily obtain device temperature without the need for any additional components. However, please note that this temperature is a relative temperature, not an absolute temperature,

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